Essential Oils for Surgery

I’ve had several friends go under the knife recently and it’s had me thinking about essential oils for surgery.

Surgery can be a daunting and scary experience. Even elective procedures can have their risks. So how can we support someone as they prepare for their operation?

First- help address their needs. What are their biggest concerns?  Are they worried about nausea or vomiting when coming out of the anesthesia? Are they concerned about achey muscles, or not sleeping well during their recovery? What about infection, swelling, or even anxious feelings leading up to the actual operation?

There are lots of options, so check out the list below for some ideas. (And be sure to talk to their doctors about these ideas prior to surgery!)






If you’d like to read up on some studies,  this one on  reported that “Findings indicate that ginger essential oil inhalation has implications for alleviating postoperative nausea and vomiting in abdominal surgery patients.”

Another study, also on, found that “Lavender aromatherapy had beneficial effects on PVC pain, anxiety, and satisfaction level of patients undergoing surgery.”

There is lots of great information here as well:  Hindawi Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  So read up, and get prepared!

And of course… Before starting anything new, be sure to talk to their doctors about everything.


Essential oils can be a great complementary therapy to help patients feel more comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful about their procedure. It can also help them during the recovery period. If you have questions about how to use these oils, let me know. I’m happy to be a resource for you!






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