partner with me

You can create income and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you are passionate about educating and helping people, I want to partner with you.

DoTERRA’s products are best shared person-to-person, not purchased from a shelf. Rather than paying advertising companies, DoTERRA chose to compensate people like you and me who share the products and support others in sharing. Together, we are bringing health and hope to the world.

DoTERRA is a place where you can create freedom that most people only dream of. Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars with no end in sight, never having the freedom to pursue their true passions and purpose. Create a different story with DoTERRA.

You can create income and make a difference with doTERRA.

Authentic network marketing is the most efficient way to build residual income.

  • Business model is based on educating and empowering your clients
  • Built-in Product sourcing, order fulfillment, billing and customer service
  • Built-in education system to teach you product knowledge, entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Business start-up— just the cost of products (for your own use), and an investment of your time.

What makes dōTERRA unique?

  • The largest essential oil company in the world.
  • Product sharing & education business model.
  • Debt-free company with no outside interest or funding.
  • Lead by executive team of business, marketing, and healthcare professionals with 150+ years of combined industry experience.

doTERRA’s Growth

  • 85% of those that join doTERRA are people who simply wish to buy products at the best value.
  • 15% wish to build a business.
  • 65% of all those that join continue to order at least every 3 months. (Compared to an 8% industry average!)

doTERRA’s Compensation Plan

  • Rewards leadership
  • Incentivizes team support and collaboration
  • Allows you to create a residual income pipeline

Choose Your Level of Play




  • Earn $200–600/month (average income for Elite/Premier rank)
  • Support your wellness lifestyle.
  • Teach others a wellness lifestyle.

Needed investment:

  • A few hours/week
  • Enrollment kit/ Monthly LRP order/ business tools
  • Plan, invite, present, enroll and support people
  • Earn $2,125—$4667/month  (average income for Silver/Gold rank)
  • Guide others to earn their products for free.
  • Become a leader people want to follow
  • Travel, grow personally, enjoy greater options

Needed investment:

  • Part-time commitment
  • Enrollment kit/ Monthly LRP order/ business tools
  • Plan, invite, present, enroll and support people
  • Support builders on your team
  • Earn $8,750—$106,833/month (average income for Platinum/Pres. Diamond rank)
  • Become a powerful leader, inspiring vision and living your passion.
  • Make a global impact.

Needed investment:

  • Full-time commitment
  • Enrollment kit/ Monthly LRP order/ business tools
  • Daily personal development
  • Plan, invite, present, enroll and support people
  • Develop leaders on your team